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Poslednjih decenija svedoci smo velikih promena na turističkom tržištu. Sve više su “moderne” prirodne atrakcije koje su nekim čudnim putevima dospele u žižu turističkog tržišta. Sada svi odjednom žele da idu baš tamo, kao da druga mesta na svetu ne postoje. Naravno, svet prati trendove, što je normalno, oduvek je tako bilo. Stiče se utisak […]


Da li ste raspoloženi da posetite Indiju ove jeseni? Izuzetno povoljan period za posetu ovoj čudesnoj zemlji. Trenutno se mogu pronaći veoma povoljne avionske karte iz Beograda za New Delhi, svega 412€. Beograd – New Delhi > 25.09.2017. – 12.10.2017. Imaćete dovoljno dana da obiđete sve interesantne delove zemlje. Evo predloga za dobar smeštaj u […]


Attention please, we found great deals of accommodation in popular tourist destinations at the end of April and in the first days of May. Let`s start with “Sin City”. We have very good news for those who love irresistible lights of Las Vegas. Check out hotel deals we have prepared for you! Click on links below. […]

OLD ADVENTURE STORIES – 1975. marketing campaign expedition from Kragujevac to Kilimanjaro

This is a story about one great expedition, eleven brave people and five “Zastava 101” cars   Source:, Photos: Mioljub Jelesijević and Milan Rakočević   I remember the good old times when we lived in a great country with one nation and many nationalities. That country was called Yugoslavia. Placed in the middle, between […]

Guide For Me for english-speaking audience from now on Facebook!

We are happy to announce that we are starting with English version on our Guide For Me Facebook page. A great way to check out new deals of accommodation, transportation and useful tips about various destinations. Hereby, we intend to share our valuable travel experience we gathered for years. We`ll help you to find the best deals that […]

THE ISLAND OF ICE AND FIRE 5 – Lake Myvatn area

Although we expected to see various  kinds  of whales, happy, full of impressions, cooled by Greenland Sea, we are leaving Husavik. Went to see another wonder of nature, waterfalls Godafoss – Waterfall of God.  Located  in Lake Myvatn area, perhaps the most spectacular area of Iceland. God`s waterfall – Godafoss Lake Myvatn is located in […]


With a population of 322.000 inhabitants and a total area of ​​103.000 km2, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe. We realized that when we left Reykjavik and Reykjanes, the most populated area of Iceland. Route 1, or Ring road, connects all important places with capital city to form a full circle around the […]

GREAT DEALS – Cheap flights from Europe to America and Africa

Good news Folks! We did some research for you and found some really good deals. For all those who want to escape from freeze weather in Europe, we offer some America and Africa escapes! AFRICA Last minute deal!  BRUSSELS – SAL (Cape Verde) 30.01. – 06.02.2017. – 160€ Cape Verde in February As the last […]