THE ISLAND OF ICE AND FIRE 5 – Lake Myvatn area


Although we expected to see various  kinds  of whales, happy, full of impressions, cooled by Greenland Sea, we are leaving Husavik. Went to see another wonder of nature, waterfalls Godafoss – Waterfall of God.  Located  in Lake Myvatn area, perhaps the most spectacular area of Iceland.

God`s waterfall – Godafoss

Lake Myvatn is located in the zone of increased volcanic activity and most quaky area of island. It was created during the great eruption 2,300 years ago, when basaltic lava formed unusual shapes in the Lake area.


Rich content of this area requires a really good plan to visit all natural attractions. Don`t miss a thing! First stop is a natural monument Skutustađir, formation of pseudo craters scattered along the edges of the lake.

Skutustadir pseudocraters

Unusual shapes that protrude from the lake reminds you of landscapes from the world of fairy tales and fantasy. Dimmuborgir – The Dark Castles, is a large area of ​​unusually shaped lava fields.

Basalt forms on Lake Myvatn

Wonders of nature are changing in front of us. At least one day is needed for visit and exploring  the area. Grotagja cave was created by volcanic activity, inside is lake with thermal water. Not far from cave stands spectacular Hverfjall volcano. The crater is approximately 1 km in diametar. 

Hverfjall volcano

A few kilometers east of Myvatn, starts  the zone of geothermal activity. It`s a very large area and resembles on surface of Mars or some planet unknown to us. The most famous site is Hverir, a geothermal area with boiling mudpools and steaming fumaroles.

Hverir geothermal field

North of Hverir, minor road leads us to the Krafla volcanic area, a 10km wide caldera. There is a geothermal power plant with a pipeline that supplies this part of the country. The fascinating Viti crater filled with a green lake, dominate the area.

Krafla volcano area – Viti crater

Viti, means “hell”, got its name from belief that volcano is situated below a living hell.

We are leaving the area of Lake Myvatn. As usual, Iceland surprised us again by its beauty and with number of stunning locations in such a small area. Expectations are growing. On our way to eastern fjords, turn  from  Route 1 to the north, leads us to the most powerful waterfall in Europe, the frightening Dettifoss.

To be continued …


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