GREAT DEALS – Cheap flights from Europe to America and Africa


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We did some research for you and found some really good deals. For all those who want to escape from freeze weather in Europe, we offer some America and Africa escapes!


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BRUSSELS – SAL (Cape Verde) 30.01. – 06.02.2017. – 160€

Cape Verde in February

As the last month of winter, February is comparably cold to January but still warm enough for boundless outdoors adventures and lots of fun under the sun. Through the month, average daytime temperature is expected to stay around 23 degrees Celsius, with high peaks reaching up to 24 degrees and lows down to 18 degrees (and almost never any lower). The ideal temperature, coupled with the relatively gentle winds (especially at the Sotavento islands) makes for the perfect opportunity to have outdoors fun.

Sea temperature stays at a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius and there are virtually no clouds on the skies above Cape Verde during February. Rain is very scarce during this month, with total precipitation barely reaching 3 mm due to minor sprinkles above the islands that last for only 3 days of the month on average.

BARCELONA – BANJUL (Gambia) in May/June – 251€

The heat and humidity is at a very high level so when making your hotel booking specifically request for an air-conditioned room.  The maximum temperature by day is 310 C, while at night it is at 230.


COLOGNE – MIAMI (Direct) in April – 275€

MIami in April

April can perhaps be considered as the start of the summer season in Florida, as the weather starts to pick up again after a slight slump in the winter. At the very least, this month signals the end of the cooler weather as we move towards a higher percentage of sunshine during the daytime. There are an average of 9 hours a day of sunshine during this month, which means more time for heat to build up.

The beaches of Miami start to get a bit more popular during this month too, with the average sea temperature rising just a little to 25°C which is perfect for a swim. Regular visitors will also notice a higher daily temperature as the average rises to 23°C on land, with a high of 27°C and a low which does not drop below 19°C. You may want to check a weather forecast before going out, as the rainfall starts to increase this month as well. There are still only going to be only an average of 7 wet days, but during that time, around 81mm will fall. This means the rain may be sudden and heavy.