From year to year, more and more passengers chose flying over some other means of transportation. According to IATA (The International Air Transport Association), airlines expect to see a 31% increase in passenger numbers between 2012 and 2017. By 2017 total passenger numbers are expected to rise to 3.91 billion – an increase of 930 million passengers over the 2.98 billion carried in 2012.

avionCambodia Angkor Air at Sihanoukville International Airport, Cambodia

Increase of low cost carriers in the past decades led to a massive use of the fastest way of transportation. The main reason for this is low price and wide range of low cost flights destinations. At the same time, information technology grows up and makes another step to decrease the price of transportation, especially in the flight industry. The launching of meta search engines and online travel agencies was a crucial moment for changing the way of booking in general. So, what is meta search engine and how does it work?

meta search engine finalMeta search engine working scheme

Meta search engine enables users to find and compare prices of airplane tickets, hotels, cars and travel deals. Meta search engine does not sell tickets directly, instead it provides an overview of available travel services on the internet and refers its users to travel providers. The latest meta search engines for booking flights, hotels, packages and car rentals are: Momondo, Tripadvisor, Google/Ita software, Kayak, Skyscanner, Mobissimo, Hipmunk and others.

Well, you must be confused now. Which one to chose? Which one is the best one? We will introduce you with our choice of flight search engines in the upcoming stories. So, stay with us folks!